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The Illinois Prosperity Project is built on this belief: When Illinois citizens are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our communities and our state benefit.

The Illinois Prosperity Project is a nonpartisan endeavor of employers and trade associations located throughout the state and is designed to help educate our citizens about issues that impact job security, economic competitiveness, wages and benefits – and ultimately our future prosperity.

Through the Illinois Prosperity Project, employers and employees can obtain information and materials that explain, in simple language and a nonpartisan way, the importance of state and federal elections. This includes information on candidates, issues and public policies that affect job security and the economy – information every citizen should consider when they go to the polls to vote.

Check back frequently to find more information about Illinois elections process, and be sure you and your family are registered to vote and exercise that right during the Primary and General Elections.

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Prosperity Agenda: Stop the $10 Minimum Wage Governor Pat Quinn has called for an increase in Illinois' minimum wage during his recent State of the State address and Senator Kimberly Lightford has followed suit by sponsoring SB 68. SB 68 as amended will increase Illinois’ minimum wage to over $10 an hour. If successfully passed, Illinois would have the highest minimum wage in the nation; currently at $8.25 it is the highest in the Midwest and tied at fourth highest in the nation and tied to CPI would increase each and every year.
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