A Return to Prosperity in Edwardsville/Glen Carbon! 

The last decade left Illinois’ unemployment rate at 10%, ranked 47th in job creation amongst the states, and real inflation adjusted wages have declined for most Illinois workers since 2001.  
Despite these daunting facts, the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce believes economic prosperity can, and will, return to Illinois. That is why we have launched the Prosperity Project for Edwardsville/Glen Carbon, a unique online platform to help the citizens of our area impact our long term economic future.
Illinois’ dire state of affairs is due in large part to the anti-business public policies and actions that have prevailed in the last decade. Misguided good intentions, at best, and shear economic ignorance, at worst, have resulted in a faltering economy and the resulting mess our government has become.
Prosperity Project is your source to stay informed on the issues impacting our state and local economy, the avenue in which to communicate directly with policymakers, and the tool to hold them accountable through the ballot box.